Our Team


Malik Asad Ali

Founder | Principal Consultant

Malik is a seasoned strategic leader with 15 years of experience in management consultancy and project management. Specialising in the development of strategic solutions that ensure sustainable success, Malik excels in the end-to-end delivery of large-scale business transformation projects. His deep expertise in process improvement has made him an invaluable asset in optimising business operations and workflows, driving efficiency and cost savings across wide range of industries and organisations. With a strong commitment to achieving organisational objectives, Malik has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor, dedicated to delivering results and fostering growth.


Qurrat Shafqat


Qurrat brings a wealth of experience from her extensive career in dentistry to her role as Director of Infinikey Solutions. Her deep insights into the healthcare and dental industries have fueled her passion for advancing women’s leadership and empowerment, particularly within the health and beauty sectors. Motivated by a vision to see women excel, Qurrat dedicates her expertise to crafting innovative and strategic solutions that enhance their professional journeys.

At Infinikey Solutions, she leads with a commitment to providing visionary leadership and tailored strategies that enable women to confidently steer their businesses toward success. Qurrat’s approach involves a keen understanding of the unique challenges that women entrepreneurs face, developing solutions that ensure profound and sustainable growth.

Determined to foster a supportive community, Qurrat empowers women leaders to make impactful decisions that transform their businesses and inspire global change. Her method extends beyond traditional advice, equipping women with the necessary tools to redefine success in their industries.

Zahid Nabi

Management Consultant

Zahid brings over 13 years of expertise in corporate strategy and strategy consulting, specifically tailored to major tech companies including ISPs, Telecom companies, MVNOs, technology, digital, and managed service providers. His specialisation lies in strategy development and process improvement, delivering robust, cost-effective solutions without compromising performance. Zahid’s strategic acumen has driven numerous business transformations and process optimisation initiatives in these sectors, establishing him as a leader in enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness.


Nathan Organ

Management Consultant

Nathan Organ brings over three decades of rich experience in the IT and technology sector, having navigated complex landscapes across diverse industries. Nathan’s expertise is not limited to crafting robust IT solutions; he excels in aligning them with overarching business objectives, ensuring growth and optimisation. His deep understanding of psychology and philosophy and his journey of neurodivergence equip him with a unique perspective on human-centric process improvement. This holistic approach has enabled him to drive efficiency and elevate staff productivity by fostering environments that resonate with individual needs while meeting organisational goals. Nathan’s commitment to innovation and continual learning positions him as a strategic asset in business transformation, ensuring streamlined operations and maximised value from technology investments.

Sarim Mehdi

Product Owner

Sarim Mehdi is an accomplished IT and Software Product Manager with 12+ years of experience. His expertise lies in delivering successful SaaS products across diverse industries, including healthcare, logistics, social media, e-commerce, and hospitality. Sarim takes pride in driving innovation, fostering user-centric approaches, and achieving industry recognition for excellence. If you seek a collaborative and passionate product manager to enhance user experiences and drive growth, then he is your man.


Ayesha A. Arbab

Management Consultant

Ayesha is a seasoned Business Analyst and Consultant, excelling in creating business policies and procedures. With extensive management consulting experience and a strong focus on sustainability, she offers valuable insights to integrate eco-friendly practices into operations. Ayesha’s expertise drives efficiency, reduces environmental impact, and fosters corporate social responsibility. Her versatile skills benefit various sectors, optimizing processes, enhancing performance, and achieving sustainability goals. With a dedicated approach, excellent communication, and a commitment to client success, Ayesha delivers impactful results, empowering businesses to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Ahmed Malik

Management Consultant

Ahmed is a project manager and management consultant who has worked with clients across a wide range of industries, helping them to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and maximise profitability. His expertise includes project management, process improvement, and change management, and He is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals by providing strategic insights and practical solutions that deliver measurable results. As a Project Manager and collaborator, he is committed to fostering a culture of excellence that promotes innovation, creativity, and open communication. Whether working on a small project or leading a large-scale transformation initiative, he is passionate about helping clients achieve their vision for success.