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Strategic Solution through a Mobile App for Grey Gum Cafe

Grey Gum Café, a popular biker haunt, is located on one of the more popular bike trails in Sydney, away from the general population. Due to its off-the-way location, it presented a significant logistical problem for the owner, who provides services within the food and beverage strata and has branched off into apparel sales. This was furthered by strategic partnerships with local brands that have also put products on display at the location

The Issue At Hand

Grey Gum wanted to expand its capacity to sell its merchandise beyond its physical location, and in doing so, also expand its revenues as well as broaden its customer base and build on  its brand value.

The Solutions We Provided

Infinikey Solutions suggested and provided the following solutions

Development Of E-Commerce Strategy

Infinikey Solutions developed a comprehensive website for Grey Gum Café, one that featured its own merchandise, along with the Kevlar products they were stocking for a partner. In addition to that, Infinikey Solutions also provided another solution in terms of a mobile app, thus bringing Grey Gum Café to just a tap away.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Infinikey solutions came up with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for the client, to enable them to target frequent customers as well as prospects in a more effective manner. This strategy was applied through all digital platforms where the client had any presence, along with expanding to ones where the client had not built itself up yet.

Logistics And Fulfilment

The largest and probably the most important issue that was facing Grey Gum was that of logistics and the sheer difficulty of getting products out to clients. To assist with that, Infinikey Solutions suggested to leverage the services of a local delivery company to get the product to customers.

Observed Outcomes

After the application of these solutions we checked back with the client after a few months, and the client reported the following outcomes

  • The client reported a significant uptick in sales of merchandise, both his inhouse brand, as well as for those of the strategic partner, coming primarily from the online platforms that the client was using now.
  • As a result of the client’s presence as an e-commerce entity, the customer base automatically broadened, elevating the clients market presence and reach.
  • E-commerce solutions also impacted the customers perception of the client’s business, as what was now inconvenient to go to at best suddenly became attainable. Furthermore, it also presented the view that the client was putting its customers ease and convenience first.


The digital strategies provided by Infinikey Solutions not only resolved the issues Grey Gum Café was facing in the short term, but also laid down a framework for any future strategies that the client might have in terms of expanding the business. By adopting a more modern approach that leverages on e-commerce, the client not only enhanced its operational capacity, but also prepared for the future by prioritising sustainability and the ease of its customers first.


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