Case Studies


Grey Gum Café, which is popular biker haunt, is located on one of the more popular bike trails in Sydney away from the general population. Due to its off-the-way location, it presented a significant logistical problem for the owner, who doesn’t only provide services within the food and beverage strata, but has also branched off into apparel sales. This was furthered by strategic partnerships with local brands that have also put products on display at the location.

The Issue at Hand

Grey Gum wanted to expand its capacity to sell its merchandise beyond its physical location, and in doing so, also expand its revenues as well as broaden its customer base and build on its brand value. Its off the way location and the client category it served also presented a problem, as bikers who frequent this establishment find it difficult to carry the merchandise back on their motorcycles, and would prefer to order them via an online portal.

The Solutions We Provided

Infinikey solutions suggested and provided the following solutions

Development Of E-Commerce Strategy

Infinikey solutions developed a comprehensive website for Grey Gum Café, one that featured its own merchandise, along with the Kevlar products they were stocking for a partner. In addition to that, Infinikey Solutions also provided another solution in terms of a mobile app, thus bringing Grey Gum Café to just a tap away.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Infinikey solutions came up with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for the client, to enable them to target frequent customers as well as prospects in a more effective manner. This strategy was applied through all digital platforms where the client had any presence, along with expanding to ones where the client had not built itself up yet.

Observed Outcomes

After the application of these solutions we checked back with the client after a few months, and the client reported the following outcomes

  • The client reported a significant uptick in sales of merchandise, both his inhouse brand, as well as for those of the strategic partner, coming primarily from the online platforms that the client was using now.
  • As a result of the client’s presence as an e-commerce entity, the customer base automatically broadened, elevating the clients market presence and reach.
  • E-commerce solutions also impacted the customers perception of the client’s business, as what was now inconvenient to go to at best suddenly became attainable. Furthermore, it also presented the view that the client was putting its customers ease and convenience first.


The digital strategies provided by Infinikey Solutions not only resolved the issues Grey Gum Café was facing in the short term, but also laid down a framework for any future strategies that the client might have in terms of expanding the business. By adopting a more modern approach that leverages on e-commerce, the client not only enhanced its operational capacity, but also prepared for the future by prioritising sustainability and the ease of its customers first.


When Alpha Timber got in touch with Infinikey solutions, they needed to set down structured Standard Operating Procedures to assist the management and staff carry out and cater to  the day to day operations and occurrences , as well as WHS compliance protocols to ensure the safety of employees.

During a deep dive into the existing processes and procedures for Alpha Timber, Infinikey Solutions was able to identify key problem areas in the management of the business, and offered comprehensive solutions in order to counter the current issues they were facing, which included, but were not limited to

  • Development of a structured code of conduct
  • A system for developing and communicating expectations and responsibilities of the staff and management
  • Clearly formulated performance management tools; and
  • Effective communication schedules and systems

What We Delivered

As per the client’s requirements, Infinikey solution provided the following solutions, keeping in mind the clients unique set of difficulties and requirements.

Formulation of effective and efficient policies and procedures

The client’s top priority was to have in place clearly laid out policies and procedures, that would not only direct actions taken in the now, but also give a clear direction to the management for the future as well.

Putting in Place WHS Compliance Protocols

While the client did have in place a reasonable system to ensure its employees safety, Infinikey solutions formulated an even more comprehensive compliance plan to take into account any and all future eventualities.

There was an absence of a basic structures and systems to run human resources

The biggest issue that Alpha Timber was facing was the complete absence of structure in terms of its Human Resource Policy. Without having an employee management and ethics SOP in place, Alpha Timber was ‘winging it’ on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore, there was no system in place for rewarding good performance, as well as discouraging slip-ups and misconduct. A code of conduct was designed for employees for day-to-day activities, organisational interactions as well as communications with customers. Furthermore, expectations and responsibilities were laid out in a clear and concise manner for employees as well as management.

Performance Management Systems to Measure Performance 

In the course of formulating a robust human resource policy, Infinikey Solutions set up a Check-in Performance Enhancement Tool, which would facilitate future discussions on current performance as well as planning developmental activities for all the staff. In addition to that, KPIs were also employed measure employees’ performance as well as the reward system for them to achieve their targets.

We also formulated a comprehensive policy with regards to addressing of grievances, regular meetings, as well as trainings and confidentiality practices.

The Impact

Within a span of one year, Alpha Timber reported

  • Greater employee satisfaction in terms of performance assessment, grievance resolution and performance-based rewards
  • Significantly lower employee turnover ratio
  • Higher productivity values due to effective communication of objectives and goals.

 With our tailored policy solutions, we have revolutionised the Alpha Timber’s operations, cultivating a dynamic workforce that drives efficiency and innovation.


A lot has changed in the business scene during the past five years, most of the changes either coming of their own accord or being forced due to the pandemic. This event not only changed the way customers or clients interacted with businesses, but also made managers and business owners rethink how to manage their respective teams, and their employees at large. With the boom in online shopping due to the pandemic, most stores, if not all have focused their attention and energies onto their online platforms.

Endogear Australia’s Dilemma

It was after the pandemic ended that one such specialised apparel brand, Endogear Australia, reached out to us for assistance with their operations and processes. In a cursory glance, Endogear Australia’s problems seemed extensive, but the gist of it was

  • Lack of clear and concise policies and procedures for operations
  • Large number of product returns and cancellations, despite excellent quality standards
  • Bad customer reviews, which would further drive down sales and didn’t bode well for the future

How we tackled Endogear Australia’s Problems

Infinikey Solutions tackled the client’s problems in the following way

Order Processing Guidelines, Quality Control Measures and Customer Care

It was discovered that the client was not adhering to any specific formula or method of order processing. To tackle this, we developed Order Processing Guidelines, with criteria for timely and correct fulfilment of order. Furthermore, Quality Control Measures were drafted and enacted to ensure that customer received the best that the company could deliver. Communication procedures were set out for the customer support department, so that queries and complaints could be dealt with in a timely and agreeable manner.

Inventory Management System put in place

More often than not, the incorrect product or size was sent to the client, resulting in dissatisfaction and an ultimate return of the product. Inventory management procedures were set, with regular stocktaking and sorting of inventory items.

Communications design for optimised operations

To achieve better synergy between offshore and onshore resources, a detailed communication strategy was enacted within the organisation to assist all employees to work better and more cohesively. Furthermore, process optimisation and vendor management strategies were also suggested for a better and streamlined workflow.

Automation and integration of processes

Client’s processes on Clickup and Zoho were integrated with Slack for a greater coordination between on-shore and off-shore teams. Furthermore, tasks were automated on Clickup and KPIs established for improved efficiency and productivity. This not only improved consistency across the board but also targeted enhanced scalability for when the business decides to expand its operations.

Human Resource Improvements

In terms of setting out proper HR procedures, Infinikey Solutions also introduced hiring and onboarding procedures. To further that cause, Infinikey Solutions also introduced a system for addressing grievances and performance assessment.

Strategic Partnership with Local Businesses

Infinikey recommended that the client partner with local businesses, especially areas or places that are hotspots for the target market to allow the prospective customer an opportunity to appreciate the look and feel the product in person.

The Results Achieved

In a matter of a few months, Endogear Australia was able to achieve positive results that were further encouraging towards the future outlook.

  • As a result of the measures taken by Endogear Australia in terms of order fulfilment and quality control, there was a significant decline in the number of product returns and cancellations;
  • Client communication and customer service procedures enabled the client to serve its customers better, answer queries more effectively, and cater to any requests in time, thus leading to increased customer satisfaction;
  • Automation made the processes more streamlined from end-to-end, and integration with Zoho and Slack allowed for better and more effective communication of information and expectations across the board;
  • Internal communications protocols allowed for better synergy across the organisation, thus leading to more cohesive operational practices
  • With the operational guidelines put in place by Infinikey Solutions, the client was able to improve its operational efficiency significantly, leading to better outcomes.