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Timber Supplier Puts Human Resource at the Forefront at its Reforms

When Alpha Timber got in touch with Infinikey solutions, they needed to set down structured Standard Operating Procedures to assist the management and staff carry out and cater to  the day to day operations and occurrences , as well as WHS compliance protocols to ensure the safety of employees.

During a deep dive into the existing processes and procedures for Alpha Timber, Infinikey Solutions was able to identify key problem areas in the management of the business, and offered comprehensive solutions in order to counter the current issues they were facing, which included, but were not limited to

  • Development of a structured code of conduct
  • A system for developing and communicating expectations and responsibilities of the staff and management
  • Clearly formulated performance management tools; and
  • Effective communication schedules and systems

What We Delivered

As per the client’s requirements, Infinikey solution provided the following solutions, keeping in mind the clients unique set of difficulties and requirements.

Formulation of effective and efficient policies and procedures

The client’s top priority was to have in place clearly laid out policies and procedures, that would not only direct actions taken in the now, but also give a clear direction to the management for the future as well.

Putting in Place WHS Compliance Protocols

While the client did have in place a reasonable system to ensure its employees safety, Infinikey solutions formulated an even more comprehensive compliance plan to take into account any and all future eventualities.

There was an absence of a basic structures and systems to run human resources

The biggest issue that Alpha Timber was facing was the complete absence of structure in terms of its Human Resource Policy. Without having an employee management and ethics SOP in place, Alpha Timber was ‘winging it’ on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore, there was no system in place for rewarding good performance, as well as discouraging slip-ups and misconduct. A code of conduct was designed for employees for day-to-day activities, organisational interactions as well as communications with customers. Furthermore, expectations and responsibilities were laid out in a clear and concise manner for employees as well as management.

Performance Management Systems to Measure Performance 

In the course of formulating a robust human resource policy, Infinikey Solutions set up a Check-in Performance Enhancement Tool, which would facilitate future discussions on current performance as well as planning developmental activities for all the staff. In addition to that, KPIs were also employed measure employees’ performance as well as the reward system for them to achieve their targets.

We also formulated a comprehensive policy with regards to addressing of grievances, regular meetings, as well as trainings and confidentiality practices.

The Impact

Within a span of one year, Alpha Timber reported

  • Greater employee satisfaction in terms of performance assessment, grievance resolution and performance-based rewards
  • Significantly lower employee turnover ratio
  • Higher productivity values due to effective communication of objectives and goals.

 With our tailored policy solutions, we have revolutionised the Alpha Timber’s operations, cultivating a dynamic workforce that drives efficiency and innovation.


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