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Overcoming Regulatory Roadblocks In The Care Home Sector

Our client reached out to us with a very concerning issue. Being a player in the Aged and Disability care category, they had been served with notices of non-compliance as per the Work Health and Safety requirements of WorkSafe Australia. The absence of occupational safety protocols was glaringly evident in an unpleasant situation that put both the staff and residents at risk.

Facing public scrutiny and legal repercussions, the upper management was forced to confront their negligence and employ Infinikey Solutions’ services to overhaul their WHS practices, bringing them in line with industry requirements. It was a wake-up call for the care home, a reminder that the safety and well-being of their residents and staff should always be their top priority. Furthermore, an eviction policy was also formulated for residents whose needs had surpassed that what was within the client’s capacity, and this was done with the intention of complying with the safety standards for both the staff as well as the residents.

Once Infinikey Solutions was engaged with the project, it was discovered that the line staff as well as the middle management had conveyed their concerns regarding the safety of the staff and in effect that of the residents to the top management for them to dismiss said concerns. It was assessed that there was a serious communications gap between the operational and decision-making units.

To assist with this, Infinikey Solutions formulated an all-encompassing Employee Consultation Policy comprising of regular meetings, reviews and trainings, paving a way for line employees and operational managers to have a positive input in issues from the development of facilities to resolution of problems. The structure for regular meetings and trainings provided a vital introduction to the upper management to the genuine challenges the workers were facing.

Moreover, Infinikey Solutions recommended regular audits and reviews of the current policies and procedures of the organisation, to eliminate practices that are no longer beneficial and to develop new practices to keep up with changing circumstances. Furthermore, Infinikey Solution also adjusted the SOPs it developed for any contingencies that might arise in the future as well.

The communication across all channels, or the lack thereof, can either make or break an organisation. It is not uncommon that the top management is not cognisant of the difficulties line workers or operations managers, and oftentimes external assistance is required to draw both sides out of this rut.

With the guidance provided by Infinikey Solutions, the client was able to correct its course, comply with health and safety requirements while also improve communication across the board to circumvent any similar issues which could have arisen in the future.


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