Case Studies


Banks are increasingly recognising the importance of prioritising the enhancement of their website accessibility to serve their clients and prospects better. Recognising the pivotal role of digital platforms in modern banking, institutions are investing in user-friendly interfaces and streamlined content presentation. It was with a need similar to this that Commonwealth Bank set out to improve its accessibility to clients and users with special needs.

Commonwealth Bank has a vision of becoming the ‘Most Accessible Bank’ in Australia, and to fulfil this vision, it started from the very basics, i.e. amending its current framework and documentation that was available to its clients and users via its website. Infinikey Solutions’ Principal Consultant had the fortune to work on this project along with a dedicated team of professionals, and together they brought the project to fruition over a span of fifteen months.

To kick off the project, an exhaustive audit was conducted to meticulously evaluate the status of the PDF documents, discerning between those that are still required on the website and those that are not required anymore. An internal team consisting of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) was also employed by the client to perform audit, developing processes and conducting trainings.

Once the audit was completed, the in-scope PDFs were checked for inconsistencies and an external vendor engaged to remediate said incongruities. Furthermore, a risk framework was established in collaboration with the risk and compliance teams for the PDFs that could not be made accessible, while defining parameters and processes future authors and stakeholders had to meet in order for prospective files to meet accessibility criteria.

To ensure that the publishing teams are on the same page with content authors, detailed SOPs were established to ensure that all future content abides by the accessibility standards, and to eliminate any possibility of a future occurrence where PDFs do not abide by the set principles.

More often than not, measures or requirements set by an organisation may slip through the cracks due to ineffective communication by the stakeholders, and to ensure they are performed impeccably in this case, robust processes were developed and implemented to ensure compliance to bank’s accessibility requirements. Furthermore, a comprehensive training was conducted for all the stakeholders to make sure they understand the new processes and the requirements set for them.

Once all the PDFs were made accessible by the vendor, they were republished on the website to meet the project requirements and formally close the project.

Making documents and materials accessible for those with impairments isn’t just about compliance; it’s about empathy and equity. It’s a testament to our commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that everyone, regardless of ability, can access information and participate fully. Embracing this proactive approach reflects values and compassion, fostering a more empathetic and supportive community.

When Endogear Australia, a specialised apparel store, initially reached out to Infinikey Solutions, it was because they were facing issues with adhering to the procedures that were laid out by the management. Furthermore, the store was facing a large number of product returns and cancellations, despite having a product they were confident was an excellent quality. Customer reviews were at an all-time low, and the client was afraid that it wouldn’t bode well for sales in the long run.

Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that the client was not adhering to any specific formula or method of order processing. To tackle this, we developed Order Processing Guidelines, with criteria for timely fulfilment of order. Furthermore, Quality Control Measures were drafted and enacted to ensure that customer received the best that the company could deliver. Communication procedures were set out for the customer support department, so that queries and complaints could be dealt with in a timely and agreeable manner.

The product return issue highlighted another problem area for the Endogear Australia: inventory management. More often than not, the incorrect product or size was sent to the client, resulting in dissatisfaction and an ultimate return of the product. Inventory management procedures were set, with regular stocktaking and sorting of inventory items.

In the broader sense, the client was suffering from a lack of synergy in between departments as well. Furthermore, with a lack of a cohesive communications strategy within the organisation, most employees were left to do as they saw fit rather than following a set of procedures. This was particularly problematic with regards to the offshore resources, who were not working in unison with the onshore resources. To counter this, a detailed communication strategy was enacted within the organisation to assist all involved parties to work better. Furthermore, process optimisation and vendor management strategies were also suggested for a better and streamlined workflow.

In terms of setting out proper HR procedures, Infinikey Solutions also introduced hiring and on boarding procedures. To further that cause, Infinikey Solutions also introduced a system for addressing grievances and performance assessment.

Infinikey recommended that while the client’s presence was reasonably substantial on the online front, the on ground visibility was next to nothing. Infinikey recommended that the client partner with local businesses, especially areas or places that are hotspots for the target market to allow the prospective customer an opportunity to appreciate the look and feel the product in person.

Implementing comprehensive processes and procedures not only resolved immediate challenges but also established a framework for continuous improvement and long-term success. Strategic guidance and tailored solutions, empowered the client to navigate complexities with confidence and achieve their business objectives effectively.